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June 2015

A great afternoon with Jo from Hereford who was very keen on getting stuck in to helping on the farm. We did some ear tagging, dehorning and moved some young baby calves that had been born 24hrs earlier. Although the weather could have been better it did not spoil Joes experience and after milking the [...]

APRIL 2013

A big thankyou to George,Tim and Pete for coming and spending a day at Gorstage Green Farm.A great day was had by allĀ  from feeding the calves to milking the cows to putting up the barbed wire fence (great team work chaps). They all went home with the knowledge that the UK dairy industry is [...]

May 2014

Pamela came up for the day from Essex staying the previous night so an early start could be made for her experience day.We milked the cows then Pam fed all the newly born calves,she said she could n’t get over how friendly the cows were to her.In the afternoon we set up our own corral [...]


A big thankyou to Ron and Jeff for coming to experience being a farmer for a day. They got stuck in from the off and took the experience to heart were they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The days weather turned out to be perfect showing Cheshire’s beautiful countryside at its best and making everyone appreciate ‘Gods own country’. [...]